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About Ash Images

Ashley Pouge is an innovative freelance photographer who specializes in beauty, fashion, editorial, and portrait photography. Ashley started her career as an entrepreneur and photographer at just 15 years old, in Cleveland Ohio, and has quickly expanded her work to different cities. Ashley is passionate about creating cutting-edge and eye-catching imagery whether shooting beauty campaigns, hair and makeup campaigns, editorial, or social influencers. Ashley has 10+ years of experience in creating unique and high quality images for many entrepreneurs and brands across the globe which has granted her the opportunity to be recognized by many companies such as Marc Jacobs, Black Opal, Fenty Beauty, Elf Cosmetics, and more. Ashley's work has been published in many magazines such as Scorpio Jin Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Volition Magazine, and etc. Ashley enjoys connecting with people through her art, and looks forward to creating and providing an amazing experience while bringing creative visions to reality.

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