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  • How much is the deposit?
    Deposits are majority up front. For example if you book the $290 package deposit would be $200, and $90 the day of your photoshoot. Use this example for the package you are interested in
  • Does the photographer provide the props, or are clients responsible for props?
    Clients are responsible for bringing their own props for creative themes. However, Photographer will have basic stools and chairs available for general use.
  • What is the expected turnaround time for unedited photos, and also edited photos?
    Unedited/raw images turn around is 1-3 days after shoot session. Edited photos will take 3 weeks max after the client has sent image choices for editing
  • Who comes up with the theme of a client's photoshoot?
    Clients should be prepared with a few ideas surrounding the purpose of their photoshoot. Photographer will give some input and guidance on the set of your photoshoot. Preparation is key! You may send example pictures, and use google searches or inspiration apps such as pinterest to help find ideas and then contact photographer to show example photos of looks you'd like to achieve.
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